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WY Angus is upgrading our commercial herd of cows to a high quality, predominantly Wye Angus genetic herd.  The market is expanding for high quality efficient cattle that exhibit superior carcass traits.   We believe that we will gain a lot just from having the more efficient type aberdeen angus.

The cows weve selected are economical and efficient as well as superior in growth, quality and production characteristics. We are attempting to use older angus genetics that are free of as many genetic defects as possible.  We believe the Aberdeen angus characteristics  found in the Wye cattle and a few other places are about as good as it gets. We think by breeding cattle that have been intesively bred for favorable traits for over 40 years  we can achieve genetic predictability that will produce cattle  prepotent enough to increase carcass merit premiums for us and the ranchers that use our genetics.  There has been a lot of time and effort put towards this end by those we got our genetics from, but it will still take time and a strict culling process to get where we want to be.  We look forward to the journey.

We purchased seedstock from:

Gearld Fry; Rose Bud, Arkansas  (501)-454-3252

Diamond D angus: Mark DeBoo; Valier, Mt.  (800) 932-6487

Sam Wiley; Breezewood, Pennsylvania  (814)784-3811

Scott Shively; Velva, ND  (701)-338-2646

Rick Hyland; Ramona, SD  (605)-480-3154

Bill Hilton; Buffalo, Wy  (307)620-1776


We purchased cattle from these individuals because they have been breeding cattle with selection management for the traits we have identified as important.  High quality meat characteristics, thrifty, deep bodied efficient cattle with high fertility with good feet and udders. They have also focused on good dispositions, calving ease, and longevity. These breeders have focused on traits that make a functional cow that can reproduce and convert grass to meat efficiently for a long life cycle. The work they have done for many years will help us reach prepotency and predictability in offspring a lot sooner than we otherwise could. 


It is our goal to start with a minimum of 20 of the best cow lines that these gentlemen have to offer.


We will breed these 20 cow lines to the best older genetics available and select the best of the offspring to create an intensive breeding program concentrating on favorable genetic traits that complement our environment and satisfy the market.


We have learned that some of the best breeding stock are produced in harsher environments. In harsher places they are stressed to create a selection process that is favorable to isolating outstanding genetic potential in cattle.  We have an environment very well suited for this purpose.


The initial cattle we have selected to work with are:

Gerald Fry:

7701 X Jaur Doctor(5 embryos) 7701 is not registerable, genetics go to Wye plantation 1960 commercial X 12957962

7904 X lodge(3)  not registered but genetics go to Wye plantation 1960 commercial X Lodge 4020202.

15 X Jaur Doctor(5) Cow Not registered, genetics go to Wye plantation 1960 commercial X 12957962.

73 X Jaur Doctor(1) Cow Not registered, genetics go to Wye plantation 1960 commercial X 12957962.

In the 1960s' a gentleman purchased some commercial heifers and a bull from the Wye plantation. He then hired a scottish herdsman to manage them. There was never any outside blood brought in and Gearld Fry was able to get some of these well preserved genetics that he used & shared with us.

Rick Hyland:

407 X Alap of Wye(4) 14918281 X UMF8329 13641146



Sam Wiley


D3 X Lodge of Wye(4) 12375105 X 4020202

D3 X Octoraro Ballot(4) 12375105 X 15521059

404 X Favor of Wye(4) 12094286 X 6418161



Scott Shivley:

380 X Pied Piper (10) 11673365 X 9563705

17 X Shoshone Viking GD60 (6) 11029812 X 880599

447 Oak Lane Missie 13635285 X Highland BC 0668 15528673 and X DDA E5H 15974013 Lodge sons

247 Oak Lane Bess 12991498 X Highland BC 0668 15528673 and X DDA E5H 15974013


Diamond D Angus  Mark and Don Deboo:

545 X Friars of Wye(2) 12320119 X UMF 7996 13024507

824 X Emblazon 28A(5) 13054587 X 1364718

832 X Emblazon 28A(5) 13020364 X 1364718

404 X Emblazon 27C(4) 12094286

824 X Emblazon 854E (2) 13054587

368 X Ambush 20Y(8) 10289299 X 13058668

368 X Ambush 4C6(7) 10289299 X 12240991


Bill Hilton:

16B  13252331 X Hyland BC 0668 15528673 and  DDA E5H 15974013

267   12327608 X Hyland BC 0668                                                 

801  13008625 X Hyland BC 0668                                                  

116B  13252316 X Hyland BC 0668                                               

713  13444145 X Hyland BC 0668                                                    


The Bulls we have selected are the ones that have been recommended by individuals that have been in this business for years following the philosophy of producing functional old style angus cattle.  They have not followed the fads of the sales ring or the fad of Bigger is better.  They have tried to minimize genetic modification of these cattle to maintain the goodness of the Aberdeen angus breed 


The bulls of choice are:


Lodge of Wye4020202;

Lodge is one of the few bulls that was tested for genetic purity.  He was bred back to 35 of his own daughters and they grew with no noticeable genetic defects. He is a moderate sized bull that exhibits outstanding meat characteristics and growth potential. He has sound feet and legs and has shown his ability to produce great females.  We have been fortunate enough to get 10 ampules of semen from Scott Shively from Lodge and we will keep those to produce herd sires in our breeding program. For now we will use a couple of his sons to create our foundation cow herd.




Hyland BC 0668 15528673;

0668 is a son of Lodge, produced by Rick Hyland.  He is a moderate framed bull that has been producing good cows.  He has good meat characteristics and growth potential.  He has sound feet and legs. We have used him on our first flush of Bill Hiltons cows to produce 39 Embryos.   Born 3/11/06 ultrasound  1/25/07 REA 11.09 BF.27 shape .72 Retail Cut Wt. 1.24  IMF3.61  tend 26


E5H 15974013;

This bull is another son of Lodge produced by Mark DeBoo.  Mark is excited about this young bull because he comes from a great cow that has produced a lot of good calves.  She is on her 14th calf and her mother stayed in their program for 20 years. His grandmother stayed in the program for 22 years. His mother is a deep thick bodied cow, with an outstanding disposition. She has the ability to convert grass to meat very efficiently.  He exhibits the characteristics of Lodge of Wye. When I measured him I had Gerald Fry on the phone. He interpreted the #s and  discussed the exhibited traits of the bull and said “that ‘s a great bull.”

 11 mos. 715#  RE/100# 1.12 REA 8.02 shape .48 IMF3.76 backfat .12 tend 25

Jaur Doctor 12957962;

Jaur Doctor has been promoted by Gerald Fry for meat quality, disposition, and growth potential.  The bull was owned by Rick Calvo in Illinois(217)454-1263.  He has sound feet and legs and has shown his ability to produce great females.  He goes back to a bull called OCC Anchor 771A. Mr. Fry feels he is one of the best bulls Tim Oldie ever produced.
tenderness factor 1.25  marble 3.0    REA 17.8 SC 38.75


Big Don of Volga 9924;

Big Don was selected for his high fertility and quality of semen.  Rick Hyland says that Big Don would overflow the AV and produce 500 straws of high quality frozen semen consistently.   One time as a test they jumped him the first time and he overfilled the AV. They jumped him again after a short break and he overflowed the AV again.  This bull has good feet and legs and growth potential. They have used him to produce great females.

We are also looking at several other bulls and are gathering as much information as we can from the best people in the business.  Some of the other bulls we are looking at are:


DDA Fahren 21X 12773616

DDA Emblazon 28A 1364718

DDA Emblazon 27C 14257843

OCC Emblazon 854E #+12514348

Alap of Wye UMF8329 13641146

NZ  Debit A12 Fair Oaks ranch California  www.forangus.com

NZ Ugo A2 Book Number 16065081 169

NZ Pine Bank 4197


It is our preference to use the best genetics available and then produce our own bulls from this outstanding seed stock.  We will listen to the advice of the great breeders in this field as we grow.  This is not a short term venture.  It will take years of careful breeding and selection to get where we want to go.  We strongly believe in back to basics breeding to re-establish genetics that will have fertility, longevity and carcasses that will grade a high percentage of prime and choice cuts. We need to raise functional efficient cattle using the range and ranch resources we have available without a lot of high cost inputs. If these cows do well here they will do well anywhere in the U.S.


If you have comments or questions  please don’t hesitate to call or email. terrybjones@hotmail.com

Terry Kelly or Kelvin Jones  (307) 762 3377. Terry Cell (307) 272-1915 Kelvin Cell (307) 250-0364

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